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What is a Sustainability Standard?

&r=1" class="c1"> Eco-labelling general principles are: supply information relevant, accurate, verifiable, complete and understandable; avoid trade barriers creation; provide sufficient information to support purchasing decision.

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General principles of eco-labelling, based on ISO 14020, include:

  • Information provided through eco-labels should provide relevant, accurate and understandable environmental aspects of the product/service;
  • Procedure and requirements should not create unnecessary barriers to trade;
  • Scientific methodology that is verifiable should be used to support the claims;
  • Information concerning procedure, methodology, criteria should be made available to all interested parties;
  • All relevant aspects of products life cycles should be taken into account;
  • Eco-labelling should not prohibit innovation or potential to improve environmental performance;
  • Any administrative requirements should be limited as necessary;
  • Development of eco-labelling should be opened to all interested parties; and
  • Provide sufficient and understandable information to purchasers.