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What is a Sustainability Standard?

&r=1" class="c1"> We can find: a) standards developed by international or private entities; b) standards that include all aspects of sustainability, or only one or two; c) different standards depending on the sector or type of product.

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There are many types of Sustainability Standards, according to the intended goal and scope. Sustainability Standards are divided mainly according to:

  • Responsibility for the development of the standard. Standards may be developed by international entities devoted at producing standards, such as the ISO series, or they may be private, in the sense that they were developed by specific companies.
  • Sustainability criteria. The Standard may incorporate restrictions and obligations regarding all aspects of sustainability (economy, society and the environment), or only one or two of those.
  • Sector or type of product. A Standard in the forest sector is necessarily different from a Standard in the car industry sector. Similarly, the obligations and prohibitions in a Standard for paper are different from those of a car.
Therefore, for example, there are Social Sustainability Standards and Environmental Sustainability Standards. There are such Standards for many common products that most consumers use. And the development and application of those Standards is virtually unlimited.